Termite prevention – Pre construction termite treatment

For over 20 years, Just Termites has been working seamlessly alongside the building industry. When it comes to termite prevention, we are Melbourne industry leaders. We provide pre construction termite treatment solutions tailored to each site, building design and budget.

Our team of pre-construction experts are fully qualified, accredited and trained to treat and protect any type of domestic and commercial building structure. We provide services in accordance with BCA regulations and are equipped to interpret drawing specifications and provide timely quotations.

We also have a pre-planning service for builders, architects and homeowners. We carefully listen to your requirements and can help you make an informed decision for your next project.

Part A – Biflex Aqua Max Chemical Soil Treatment

Works as a repellant barrier and will kill termites.  During construction, it is sprayed over the top of sand pads and around pipe penetrations before the slab is layed or sprayed in the soil around your stumps and footings.  It bonds tightly within the organic soil matter and will not leech away.

Part B – Biflex Chemical Soil Treatment

At completion of the building phase, we treat the external soil perimeter of your building. This is best done when all gardens are in place but before external driveways and paths are laid. On completion all works are issued with a certificate of treatment; AS 3660.1-2000.

Part A – Homeguard

Collars are placed over all pipes that penetrate the slab and pushed down onto the moisture membrane. The collars act as a physical barrier and are also impregnated with Bifenthrin Termicide which kills termites in contact. Collars are available in 40mm, 50mm and 100mm. Odd sizes can be custom made on site.

Part B – Homeguard Blue Sheeting

Works as a physical and chemical barrier. A single layer extruded polymer sheet that is homogeneously impregnated with Bifenthrin Termicide. The sheeting is nailed to the top of the slab prior to the bottom wall plate and is fixed into the brickwork. This prevents termite entry via the slab edge and wall cavities. In the subfloor, it can also be installed on top of stumps and brick foundations.