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Termite inspections –  a small price to pay

Professional termite inspections are inexpensive and are the first step in safeguarding your home from escalating damage costs associated with termite activity. Due to the high level of termite activity in Melbourne, the CSIRO recommends annual inspections by qualified termite pest technicians.

Our specialist termite technicians provide a meticulous inspection service. Each inspection takes approximately 3 hours to complete. Utilising the latest technology and backed by our service warranty, you can rest assure that we offer the ultimate termite protection.

On completion of the inspection we supply you a comprehensive written report which complies with Australian standards.  This forms the basis for any proposals deemed advisable to safeguard your home.  The report provides answers to such things as

  • the presence of old and/or new termite activity
  • identify the termite species, nests and mode of entry
  • the extent of damage caused by termite feeding habits
  • identifies your risk factors and provides advice to avoid harbour sites
  • enables you to make an informed decision regarding treatment proposals
  • payment for inspection is deducted from total treatment amount

Termite Inspections - a brief overview

Step One

Termite Inspections

We listen carefully to your concerns and undertake a thorough inspection of both internal and external building structures. This includes subfloor (if accessible), roof void, garden landscaping and surrounding fences. We also identify environmental areas likely to attract termites.
Step Two

Risk Assessment Report

Our expert Termite Inspections comply with Australian Standard 3660.2-2000. When it comes to protecting your home we undertake our responsibility with the utmost care. We take the time to educate our clients on environmental risk factors and effective solutions to deter termite invasion.
Step Three

Termite damage

Due to our in depth knowledge of termite behaviour we are able to uncover where termites have been or are residing in your property. As registered Timber Pest Inspectors we can assess and report on termite damage.
Step Four

Custom tailored solutions for every budget

We understand that homeowners want sensible solutions that work.  Our termite inspections are geared to uncover the complete picture.  We then draw on our extensive knowledge across all forms of termite management systems and put together cost effective quality proposals.
Step Five

Termite inspection monitoring

Whilst termites are difficult to treat they are certainly not impossible.  Success relies largely on the follow up monitoring systems put in place. Our follow up inspections are carried out by the same expert technician responsible for your termite control program.  This provides for the utmost continuity of care and enables us to achieve a 100% success rate in protecting your property.