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Termite damage cost – Important facts you should know

‘Victoria is the only Australian mainland State that has ‘Undeclared’ termite municipalities yet pest managers are treating infestations in these areas sometimes up to four and five times a day. This means that if you live in these areas you will have no notification there are termites there, increasing risk of termite infestation.’- Termite Action Victoria.

Responsibility rests with reputable Termite Companies, Councils and State Government to work together to help and protect innocent homeowners from termite damage costs.

The first step is to heighten termite awareness and assist homeowners to take proactive steps towards termite prevention.

In the last 6 months, our small team of 4 dedicated termite technicians has attended many service calls. If it was possible to inspect all Victorian homes, it’s frightening to think what the true termite statistics really are.

At present, Archicentre rates the average loss per home to be $7,000.   Early detection and prevention can stop this.