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Melbourne Termites - Meet the team

Just Termites is a specialist division of PestAway Australia. The prerequisite for joining the team is extensive specialist experience, qualifications and dedication. The team is known for their personalised and meticulous approach and their ability to carefully matching each situation to the right treatment choice. No stone is left unturned in securing your property and sensible cost effective decisions are made with successful results.

Just Termites provide the latest Termite Management Systems which are deemed environmentally friendly, biodegradable and registered for use in Victoria as per AS 3660-2000. Additionally, all technicians are accredited Timber Pest Inspectors and registered with the Australian Pest Manager’s Association.

The teams’ professional qualifications include, Certficate 2 & 3, licensed installers for Homeguard, registered Termidor applicators, experts in Exterra Baiting, Eflex Protection, thermal camera imaging, Flir E60 thermal camera and Termatra t3i.

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Troy Everitt- Specialist Termite Technician

I have been with the termite team for 4 years.  I find my job exciting, satisfying and incredibly rewarding.  In particular, it is good to know that I play an important role in helping homeowners and businesses protect their most important investment. I enjoy learning about termites and the latest developments in termite management systems.

Having worked in the building industry for 20 years, my specialty interests are termite prevention systems in the pre-contruction phase.  Consequently, I work well with builders and architects.  I know what it takes to deliver compliant termite protection to satisfy the Building Codes of Australia.

I think I’m well suited to working in the termite industry because I am hard working and good with people.  I am non judgemental, willing to learn new things and not afraid to ask questions.  I am proud to be apart of the team.

The most interesting thing that I have seen on a job is a massive termite nest in the front garden of a home in Attwood.

The most valuable thing I can tell homeowners is to clean up under the house.  Termites love moist environments so be sure to fix water leaks.  Subfloor ventilation is very important.

If I had to answer the question “What makes Just Termites better than our competitors”, I’d have to say we do way more across all phases of termite management – inspection, pre-treatments, our comprehensive management systems and follow ups.  Interestingly, we don’t ever get any call backs which is a good thing.

Martin Becker- Specialist Termite Technician

I have been working with termites since 2010 and really enjoy my job.  The most rewarding part is helping homeowners protect their biggest asset by finding potential situations that if left untreated could have cost a lot of heartache and money.

I think I’m well suited to termite work because I’m dedicated and committed to doing a great job every time.  There is great satisfaction in uncovering termites and knowing that I can do something to help. I am also very fortunate to have trained under an experienced technician, so I have a repertoire of thorough techniques and sensible problem solving abilities.

The most valuable thing that I can tell a homeowner is to get a qualified termite inspection every year. Early detection is so important. I recommend not only being proactive in seeking assistance but to also educate yourself on early signs of termite infestation.

When asked “What makes Just Termites better than our competitors”, I’d have to say we are passionate knowledgeable professionals. We keep up to date and utilise the latest techniques. Importantly, we involve and educate our homeowners so they have a good understanding of the situation and the plan forward to reach resolution.